Patio Cover Regulations Allow More Builds

Article By James Thompson

Backyard patio covers (structures open on at least 3 sides), can now be built with only a five-foot clearance from the property line and no longer count towards lot coverage maximums in the City of Rocklin.

The new regulations were implemented in late July and affect most properties in the City. The biggest impact may be on residential homes, allowing owners to add shade in smaller backyards, which is especially important during the hot summer months. 

Rocklin’s previous regulations for patio covers and other structures open on at least three sides were passed in 1977. In most cases, these structures required a setback between the structure and the rear property line of ten to twenty feet. The previous regulations also applied patio cover square footage to lot coverage restrictions. 

With the reduction in lot sizes in recent years, the City Council directed staff to update the regulations, which would allow more citizens to improve their properties with patio covers. “The new ordinance provides more flexibility in construction,” said Janette Haley, planning and building technician.  

Most Patio covers and similar structures require building permits so the City strongly encourages all residents to contact the Community Development Department at (916) 625-5100 or through the Access Rocklin online system before beginning on a project. 

Read more about the Rocklin patio cover regulations on the City’s website at