City Meetings Streaming Video
Instructions for Use


To View Videos, Click Here. 


How to Access The Live Video Stream For A Meeting In Progress

You can access the live video stream for a meeting in progress using the meeting search page.  Find the meeting in the search results.  You will see a red video camera icon next to the meeting date if the live video stream for the meeting is currently available.  Click on the red video camera icon

Screenshot of Streaming Video Player Page

The Meeting Video player will appear.  Click on the play button as shown in the image below.

Screenshot of Streaming Video Player window

The live video will then start playing on your computer.

Screenshot of Streaming Video playing


How to Access The Archived Video For A Past Meeting

You can access the video for a past meeting from the meeting search page.  The online agenda icon for the meeting will change from agenda icon to video icon when the video is published.  

Screenshot of Streaming Video Player Page

Click on the online agenda icon video icon to access the online agenda and then click on the video links in the online agenda to access the video.

Screenshot of Archive Video Player Page

After clicking on the video link, the video player will open in a new window and begin playing from the index point selected.

Screenshot of Archive Video playing