Construction Specifications, Improvement Standards, and Standard Drawings


The City of Rocklin Improvement Standards and Standard Drawings have been updated. The most recent editions, as well as summaries of the changes can be found in the sections below.

The City of Rocklin Construction Specifications, Improvement Standards, and Standard Drawings has been compiled with the intent that it may be updated on a yearly basis, or as required, to reflect the changing technology and thinking of the engineering profession, the construction industry, and the City of Rocklin.

The City no longer provides paper copies of these documents.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Document Adoption Resolution 2016-245

Document Adoption Resolution No. 94-98

Document Amendment #1 Resolution No. 2002-405

Document Amendment #2 Resolution No. 2005-248

Document Amendment #3 Resolution No. 2006-103

Document Amendment #4 Errata Sheet 1

Document Amendment #5 June 2011 Revision Letter

Volume I: Construction Specifications

Construction Specifications

Volume II: Improvement Standards

Improvement Standards

Summary of Updates to Improvement Standards November 2016

Volume III: Standard Drawings

Standard Drawings

General Notes Only

Summary of Updates to Standard Drawings November 2016