Rocklin Adventures at Quarry Park


Rocklin Adventures

The Rocklin Adventures at Quarry Park project is intended to provide family entertainment for both tourists and local residents with a mix of rock climbing and adventure related offerings augmented by quality food service and small retail store. The project has the potential to be a catalyst for commerce and development in Rocklin’s Quarry District, attracting customers to local businesses and generating tax revenues that could be used to sustain vital services and quality of life in the City.

The master agreement contracts Legacy Family Adventures (LFA) to design 30 percent of the adventure park, enabling the City to more thoroughly evaluate park elements and to request proposals from design/build contractors. If built, LFA would operate the park with a revenue sharing agreement with the City.


Rocklin Adventures at Quarry Park Request for Qualifications Design-Build Firms

The City received statement of qualification submittals from the following firms and has deemed all three to be prequalified.

  • Bonsai Design, LLC
  • Sierra View General Contractor
  • Western Water Features, Inc.


Questions from bidders and City answers are listed below.

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) indicates a “desired” completion date of September 2017, that a “schedule showing substantial completion no later than September 30, 2017 will receive reduced points”, and the estimated project budget is $3,250,000.  Is there any flexibility to the project schedule and budget?

Yes, however each design-build firm should submit a proposal identifying its best approach for achieving or approximating the City’s stated schedule and budget.  If necessary, design-build firms should clearly state what work can be completed within the City’s stated schedule and budget and what additional cost and time will be necessary to fully complete the City’s project.