Vanelli Brands


Vanelli LogoVannelli Brands, LLC., maker of fine ravioli, shaped pastas, and other packaged pasta products is putting the finishing touches on their food manufacturing operation, which recently relocated to the City of Rocklin.

You soon will be able to purchase the products at grocery stores locally, including Nugget and Safeway. The brand had products in stores from 2006 to 2013 and company President Chuck Eaton says chain managers have been eager to restock.
Eaton says Vannelli products feature only quality ingredients and recipes that have been developed over time by the owners’ family. Vannelli food production and packaging practices are also noteworthy, with pasteurization and modified atmosphere packaging used to keep food fresh and last longer in stores.
In Eaton’s opinion, quality, taste and consumer appreciation are what drive sales, and the company is looking forward to making food from scratch, packaging, and shipping from right here in in Rocklin.