Universal Application


What permits use the Universal Application Form?

The majority of permits & entitlements require the Universal Application Form including:

  • Design Review 
  • General Plan Development 
  • Tentative Parcel Map 
  • Tentative Subdivision Map 
  • Use Permit 
  • Variance 
  • Zoning

What You Need to Submit

The Universal Application Package contains all of the City documents you need to submit for any of the above permits. This package includes:

  • Application Submittal Requirements / Check-In Sheet 
  • Universal Application Form 
  • Agent Authorization Form 
  • Mineral Rights Owner Notification 
  • Low Impact Development Acknowledgement Form
  • Department of Fish and Game Filing Fee Notice 
  • Hazardous Waste & Substances Statement 
  • Mitigation for Air Quality Impacts 
  • Environmental Information Form 
  • Formatting Requirements and Minimum Information to be Included on Exhibits 
  • Low Impact Development Fact Sheet and Checklist