Titans of CNC


Titans of CNC LogoIn the world of aerospace and robotics, there is no room for error. That’s why customers like SpaceX founder Elon Musk and tech-giant Jeff Bezos have turned to Rocklin-based Titans of CNC to machine parts for their state-of-the-art spacecraft. Just don’t ask to see the parts Titan is making for these projects, the designs are highly classified intellectual property. 

CNC stands for computer numerical control, which allows a machine to be programmed and monitored to mill metals into parts with minute specifications. Titans of CNC not only makes parts, but offers an online CNC academy that serves more than 28,000 students and 1,500 teachers. CNC machining is a skill not easily found or taught, and founder and owner Titan Gilroy’s new focus is on sharing his knowledge and skills with people across the country to help close the manufacturing skills gap.

To complement the machine shop and academy, Gilroy also produces his own Titans of CNC television series, featuring stories behind part builds an projects including custom racing parts, rockets, and more. Visit Titans of CNC at their website,