Southern site: SE corner of Rocklin Rd./El Don Dr. (36+/- acres) Northern site: NE corner of Rocklin Rd./Sierra College Blvd. (72 +/- acres) APNs 045-130-061, -063; 045-150-023, -048, -052


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This submittal has been determined to be incomplete for processing. The preliminary project description and associated materials have been uploaded to provide the public with the project information provided to date. Upon the receipt of additional materials resulting in a complete application, this information will be updated.  

Application Received Location Requested
Submitted Documents
January 9, 2017 Southern Site:  SE corner of Rocklin Road/El Don Drive (36+/- acres)

Northern site:  NE corner of Rocklin Road/Sierra College Blvd. (72+/- acres)

APNs 045-130-061, -063; 0435-150-023, -048, -052
Tentative Subdivision Map, SD2017-0001, General Plan Amendment, GPA2017-0001, Rezone, Z2017-0001, General Development Plan, PDG2017-0001 Project Information and Exhibits as Submitted