Rocklin CrossFit
"We're Open" Business Features


Rocklin CrossFit is a fitness gym with CrossFit classes in addition to speed and strength training. In addition to training adults, the gym has also trained a number of football and basketball athletes from nearby schools in speed, agility, and plyometrics. The gym has been open since 2010 and closed for a number of weeks from mid-March until June. It was able to loan out equipment to members to ensure their fitness goals stayed on track. Rocklin CrossFit also offered five Zoom workouts a week, which allowed anyone to follow the program from home—even someone from out of state!

“We’re excited to be open and really hope people support our small business as we support other small business in the area. We’re looking forward to continue work with our athletes to be where we were when the pandemic hit,” co-owner Amber Burak said. Rocklin CrossFit has capped its class size to 17 to support social distancing requirements. Temperatures are checked before athletes enter the gym, and if any have a fever or are experiencing any symptoms, they are sent home. Each workout station is sanitized before the next group comes in, and the floors are disinfected. An additional thorough cleaning happens during open gym hours.

Current business hours: Class times vary; open gym in the afternoon
Future expectations: Rocklin CrossFit is transitioning to doing more workouts in person but is still offering a weekly Zoom workout. The business remains flexible to follow any guidelines needed to keep people healthy and exercising.