Rocklin Adventures Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about the Rocklin Adventures at Quarry Park project? Read the following list of frequently asked questions and answers on the proposed adventure park.

Park Development

How is the agreement for Rocklin Adventures at Quarry Park development designed?

The Rocklin City Council approved an agreement in January 2017 with Legacy Family Adventures (LFA) to design 30 percent of the adventure park, enabling the city to more thoroughly evaluate park elements and to request proposals from design/build contractors. Bonsai Design was awarded a design/build contract for the adventure elements of the park and construction is underway. When construction is compete, LFA would operate the city-owned park with a revenue sharing agreement with the city.

How much will park development cost?

The initial phase of the agreement with LFA included a fixed fee of $65,000 to complete 30 percent of design. The total cost of building the adventure elements of the park is estimated at $3.25 million, which would be paid back to the city, with 4 percent interest, during the operational phase of the agreement.

What liability is the city exposed to in the Rocklin Adventures agreement?

LFA and any vendors/concessionaires shall fully indemnify the City of Rocklin related to any accidents and injuries and shall be fully responsible for all insurance costs for park operations.

The city would also not have any liability for LFA operational losses related to the adventure park.

How big will this project be?

Quarry Park Adventures is proposed to encompass approximately five acres of the 22-acre Quarry Park. The Big Gun Quarry would include most of the adventure park elements. Above the Big Gun Quarry on the southwest edge, a food services building and observation deck is proposed. The project will also include a kids play area, outdoor pavilions and parking.

Is this project required to go through environmental review?

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires all development projects to be considered for environmental impacts.  The environmental review document for this project is available to the public and was approved by City Council.  All of the potential impacts including noise, light, traffic, and were examined as part of the project review and approval process.

How will local businesses and the City of Rocklin benefit?

Quarry Park Adventures has the potential to be a catalyst for commerce and development in Rocklin’s Quarry District, attracting customers to local businesses and generating tax revenues that could be used to sustain vital services and quality of life in the city. The project, coupled with several other existing business attractions and the city’s annual Quarry Park concert series, will further establish Rocklin as a destination location, attracting tourists and encouraging overnight stays at local hotels.

Park operations will also generate a number of permanent and seasonal positions, providing jobs to local youth and professionals, contributing to the local economy.

Park Operations

What will the price of admission to the adventure park be?

Quarry Park Adventures will provide family entertainment at an affordable price. Ticket prices are still being determined but park operators plan to offer a variety of options, possibly including discounts for Rocklin residents, a-la-carte prices for specific features, group or family pricing, and more. Prices will be comparable to other area entertainment options.

What will the operating hours of the adventure park be?

The adventure park is anticipated to be open from approximately 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. depending on demand and seasonal considerations.

Will people who have not purchased tickets be able to access the adventure park, Quarry Park and the surrounding area?

The bulk of the five-acre Quarry Park Adventures site, including the food services and observation areas, will be open to the public without the need to purchase a ticket. The adventure park features – including zip lines, rock climbing, ropes courses and more – will require paid admission.

The remaining areas of the total 22-acre Quarry Park site, which will remain in a largely undeveloped state, will be open to the public to allow free movement of people and existing wildlife.

How many people are expected to visit the park?

It is anticipated that approximately 300 to 500 people will visit the park daily over the 300-plus days of operation per year. The adventure park may accommodate as many as 130,000 visitors annually, with attendance varying depending on the season, time of day, etc.

What about traffic?

Park development includes the construction of an entrance accessible from Pacific Street in addition to the current entrance to Quarry Park located off of Rocklin Road. Additional traffic mitigation needs are outlined in the environmental review document.

The additional activity in the area is anticipated to be much lower than specified by the city’s original environmental impact report and zoning on the property, which was completed in 2012. The previous report anticipated a much higher level of development on the property, which would have created larger impacts.

An additional traffic light is not planned for the entrance on Pacific Street at this time, but it is anticipated one may be needed in the future, if warranted by traffic counts.

Will there be a charge for parking at the adventure park?

The majority of parking will be free and open to the public, with possible charges for valet or reserved parking.