Respond Quickly, Solve Problems, and Be Nice!


The Rocklin Fire Department has a proud history of serving its community since the formation of Rocklin Hose Company One in 1894. With the commitment to provide high-quality customer service to our growing community, the department continues to evolve through preparedness, response, and innovation. Today, the Rocklin Fire Department is an “All-Risk” fire agency, with highly trained firefighter emergency medical technicians and paramedics responding to emergency medical services, technical rescues, hazardous material spills and releases, and fires.

In addition to emergency response, the department provides community education and risk-reduction services including plan review, inspections, education, and training. The department’s administrative staff is customer-oriented and made up of elite professionals who demonstrate our mission statement to Respond Quickly … Solve Problems … and Be Nice!

I am incredibly proud to work with this professional group of men and women who routinely display compassion, empathy, and kindness to visitors, business owners, and members of our community. We continue to adapt to an ever-changing environment and seek ways to enhance our customers’ experience while mitigating emergencies effectively and efficiently.

The Rocklin Fire Department stands ready to respond 365 days a year with professionalism and courtesy in your time of need.

Fire Chief Reginald Williams