Rejuven8 Wellness Spa
"We're Open" Business Features


A massage table is ready for clients in Rejuven8's backyard.

Rejuven8 Wellness Spa offers a variety of therapies, skincare treatments, and health and lifestyle coaching to inspire and rejuvenate clients. Rejuven8 has created an outdoor oasis in compliance with all health codes to provide massage services to the community. The business closed its doors on March 18 and was able to reopen in late June with reduced services before all indoor salon and spa services were required to close again in July. As of July 29, massage services are allowed in California and Placer County as long as they are outdoors and follow the published guidelines by the California Department of Public Health. Rejuven8 is following every guideline in order to responsibly operate.

“Many of your favorite small businesses are working relentlessly to both recreate themselves and offer you unbelievable alternatives to your go-to goods and services with heart and a smile—so please see what we’re offering, and take us up on it!” owner and massage therapist Kaera Anzalone said.

Every therapist wears a mask and face shield, and every client must have their temperature taken and wear a mask (except for facial treatments, where a specialized acrylic shield separates the therapist and the client). Half-hour sanitizing breaks occur after every client. Appointments must be made in advance online or by phone with a COVID-19 questionnaire. An evaporative cooler will help to keep customers comfortable in the summer heat. The outdoor space also allows for couples massage, a new addition for Rejuven8.

Current business hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday
Future expectations: Rejuven8 Wellness Spa will continue follow all guidelines and parameters while making it comfortable for clients to receive their services—and some even prefer the outdoor massages!
Location: 5175 Meyers St
Phone: (916) 652-4024