Is Public Transit Meeting Your Needs?
Take the annual unmet transit needs survey.


A photo of local public transportation with the headline, "Annual Unmet Transit Needs Report" underneath the photos, set against a green background.

Is public transit meeting your needs?

Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) wants to hear from you about how public transit can best serve the Placer County region. As part of the annual Unmet Transit Needs Process, PCTPA is conducting surveys and seeking community feedback throughout September and October. If you have an idea to improve local transit service, let us know!

Take the online survey!

For a paper survey, download the PCTPA Unmet Transit Needs Survey and send to the following address:

299 Nevada Street
Auburn CA, 95603

Attend the Public Hearing

When: Wednesday, October 26. Visit for details. 

Contact PCTPA

For more information, contact Mike Costa at or call (530) 823-4029 and leave your name, number, and unmet transit need.

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