Program Highlights


The Summer Civic Career Program provides participants insight into careers in municipal government, inspires them to become more active members of their communities, and highlights the potential of a career in local government. Students will work with a variety of departments and programs within the city.

Police Department

Students will work with staff in the Police Department in the office and in the field, gaining hands- on experience with police officers in ride-alongs, dispatchers in the communications center, and the paperwork side of law enforcement with the records unit.

Public Works Department

Public Services is a wide-ranging department that includes engineering and environmental services, facilities and fleet upkeep, care of city-owned streets and landscape, and traffic signal maintenance. City-owned construction projects are managed through Public Services.

Community Development Department

Community Development is another large department that helps the public with things like permits, building inspections, new development, code enforcement, planning, and housing.

Parks and Recreation Department

Parks and Recreation is responsible for the maintenance of the amazing parks in Rocklin, planning and organizing fun events and services for our community, promoting healthy lifestyles and ensuring there are places that make that happen

Administrative Services, City Attorney, City Clerk, and City Manager’s Offices

These offices are responsible for key compliance requirements of local government. Ensuring the city addresses finance and budget needs, liability concerns, legal procedures, public notices, public outreach (including social media) and hiring needs. Students will also participate in a Mock City Council Meeting and learn about the Brown Act which provides public access to meetings of California local government.

Fire Department

Students will work with Fire Department staff at a fire station and in the administration office learning about fire prevention, fire suppression, and firefighting equipment.