Operation Identification


The Rocklin Police Department encourages people to safeguard their property and to give themselves the best opportunity to recover their property if it is ever lost or stolen.

The Operation Identification Program can increase the odds of recovering lost or stolen property, and help to deter criminals at the same time. Here’s how the program works:

  • Make an inventory list of the valuable property in your home. Record the date the item was purchased, the type of item, brand name, model number, serial number and value. 
  • Engrave valuables with your California Driver’s License number or your California Identification Card number. Be sure to engrave the letters “CA” before the number to indicate what state the number represents. Engrave the item near the serial number or in some other visible place that does not damage the appearance/value of the item. Do not engrave your Social Security Number on valuable items.

Did You Know
The Rocklin Police Department has two engravers that are available for community members to borrow at no charge. 

Call 916.625.5416 for details about borrowing an engraver. You may also purchase your own engraver for approximately $15.00 at most hardware stores and electronic stores.

  • If you ever sell or give away an engraved item, engrave a single horizontal line through your number and engrave the new owner’s number below your number.
  • We also recommend that you photograph and/or videotape the valuables in your home. This especially applies to items that cannot be engraved such as fine china, small jewelry, etc.
  • Print and fill out the Operation Identification Inventory Form.