Keeping Rocklin Running
Website Technician Carmela Yeseta


Website Technician Carmela Yeseta is helping keep Rocklin residents informed during the coronavirus pandemic.

“My responsibility is to help ensure correct and timely information is shared to the public through our website and social media channels. I help keep residents updated on the ongoing actions of the City, which is especially important now as we tackle this pandemic and things are changing frequently,” Yeseta said.

In her role as web technician, Yeseta maintains Rocklin’s website and recently helped reconfigure the home page to allow users to more easily access the content most important and relevant to them. As a graphic designer, she also creates brochures, billboards, signs, social media graphics, and other promotional materials that help inform the Rocklin community.

“The City of Rocklin runs a lean communications outfit and Carmela’s services are crucial to sharing our messages with residents. The City is lucky to have her on board,” said Michael Young, Rocklin’s communications and special projects manager.

During the COVID-19 closures, Yeseta is able to maintain the website and make graphic designs entirely from home. Instead of meeting in an office to discuss projects, she and Young are able to plan assignments by phone and online to maintain social distancing.

In addition to her normal duties with the website and promotional materials, Yeseta has been hard at work creating COVID-19 graphics and guides for residents to better connect them to local services during this difficult time.

“I’m happy to play a role in letting our residents know that the city cares. We greatly value our residents, and we want them to know that we are working hard to get them the information and resources they need right now,” Yeseta said.

*This post will be part of a regular series highlighting how City employees continue to provide essential services and #KeepRocklinRunning.