The first cycle studio in Rocklin, CycleLife promises to make every spin class a workout you won’t want to miss! Instead of focusing on the metrics, CycleLife emphasizes riding to the beat of the music. This makes the 45-minute sessions fly by.

With a total of 5 instructors and an average of four classes a day, people are sure to find a time and genre that fits for them, in their schedules. As long as the rider’s feet can reach the pedals, anyone is able to participate in a class and squeeze in a workout based on fun rather than performance. A drop-in class is $20, and package deals offer discounted rates on every class. An unlimited membership is $189/month.

CycleLife is offering a full week of free classes at the end of November. The studio plans to open in early December and is looking forward to having you join the CycleLife.

Address: 2330 Sunset Blvd, Suite 120

Phone: (916) 212-9396