Current Traffic Alerts


Winding Lane Curve and Lost Avenue Inspection Improvements

Starting the week of October 11 and lasting about 4 weeks, Central Valley Engineering & Asphalt will begin work on Winding Lane and Lost Avenue. This project will widen the Winding Lane Avenue curve near Quarry Park and the Police Station. The project also includes the addition of a sidewalk, curb and gutter, and ADA ramps.

These changes will improve safety and traffic circulation, and improve traffic flow through this corridor for vehicles and pedestrians, while bringing the roadway width up to current City standards.

The streets affected are:
Winding Lane from the south Police Dept. parking entrance to Hard Rock Court
Lost Avenue at the Intersection with Winding Lane

Other streets affected during construction will be for detours:
Lost Avenue, Kannasto Street, South Grove Street

During construction, Winding Lane will remain open so that residents directly impacted will be provided driveway access. An increase in traffic volume for residents in the area will be noticed along the above-mentioned detour streets.

Start Date October 11
End Date The first week of November 
Type of Alert Lane closure
Reason Road widening
Time of Day Mon–Fri
Project Lead Keith Jukes, (916) 625-5500

Traffic Signal Equipment Replacement

Starting September 30, various stoplights in Rocklin will be replaced. Work will take a few hours each workday and be completed by the end of October. The following intersections will be affected, in the order listed below.

  1. Pacific St. & Woodside Dr. (B corner, right lane closure Southbound Pacific St.)
  2. Five Star Blvd. & Destiny Dr. (A corner)
  3. Five Star Blvd. & Destiny Dr. (C corner)
  4. Rocklin Rd. & El Don Dr. (B corner)
  5. Park Dr. & Shelton St. (B corner)
  6. Park Dr. & Shelton St. (B corner, right turn closure on Sceptre Dr.)
  7. Park Dr. & Shelton St. (D corner)
  8. Park Dr. & Shelton St. (D corner)
  9. Granite Dr. & Sierra Meadows Dr. (B corner)
  10. Granite Dr. & Sierra Meadows Dr. (C corner)
  11. Park Dr. & Wyckford Blvd. (A corner)
  12. Park Dr. & Wyckford Blvd. (B corner)

All traffic lights under maintenance at these times will go dark or flash red. If motorists encounter flashing red lights at any signaled intersection, or a traffic signal that is dark/nonoperational, then the intersection is treated as an all-way stop, per the California Vehicle Code. Motorists should follow all rules of the road and use caution in their travel.

Start Date September 30
End Date end of October
Type of Alert Traffic Signal Flash
Reason Traffic Signal Replacement
Time of Day A few hours on workdays in October
Project Lead City of Rocklin

Sunset Blvd PG&E Traffic Control Plan

Lanes closures are planned on Sunset Blvd. near Fairway Drive and the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area. Related lane closures for pipeline work will also occur at Midas Ave. and Sunset Blvd., Midas Ave. and Odessa Ct., Independence Dr. and Aiken Dairy Rd., and Pacific St. near Dominguez Rd.  

Start Date May 2021
End Date October 2021
Type of Alert Intermittent Lane Closures
Reason Gas facility maintenance work
Time of Day Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Project Lead PG&E – 916-472-2310
Notes PG&E is building a facility that will be used to conduct natural gas pipeline safety inspections in an area of land owned by the company at the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area.