Community Facilities District No. 5


Formed: 1996

Provides: Funding for the operation, maintenance, and replacement of street and parkway lights (excluding traffic control lights), incorporated into and along landscaped thoroughfares.

Maintenance of landscaping within the public right of way and parks is also funded.

Territories: Portions of Whitney Oaks, Sunset-West, the Highlands, Whitney Ranch, and various other developments within the City of Rocklin

While the district’s boundaries are fixed, newly developed areas of the City are annexed into the district. There have been several annexations.

Tax Amount: Dependent on the type of construction that has occurred and the original development plans or original large lot from which a parcel was subdivided

There are special tax formulas for each annexation. The tax rate and maximum will vary from parcel to parcel. The maximum tax allowed on any parcel within the district may increase by 2 to 4% per year, depending upon which formation/annexation territory the property is located within.

Expiration Date: None