Additional Funding Approved for Quarry Park Adventures at Feb 11 City Council Meeting


On February 11, the Rocklin City Council adopted a Resolution approving a financial contribution to the operation of Quarry Park Adventures in the amount of $166,000. 

The City will make four equal installment payments to Adventure Operations in the amount of $31,500 in February, March, April, and May.  In addition, the City will contribute an additional $40,000 to the City’s Short Fall Account for the Park. 

Quarry Park Adventures is a unique recreational opportunity in our region and has already served more than 36,000 visitors since opening in April 2019.

Like many new businesses, the Adventure Operations management team has been working to overcome operational challenges that have affected the park’s bottom line in the first year. Hiring, training and keeping quality front line staff, determining how weather would affect attendance, and setting efficient staffing levels to accommodate walk-up and reservation-based customers have made for an interesting puzzle.

In addition, approximately 20% of the tickets redeemed at the park were from guests who purchased tickets from the prior operator, which provided no revenue to Adventure Operations.

The City is confident Adventure Operations is on the right path. Customer reviews have been exceedingly positive. Marketing spending is showing high return on investment. Park equipment is maintained to the highest standard. There have been zero serious injuries to visitors or staff.

Quarry Park Adventures is also beginning to fulfill its promise as an attraction, bringing additional spending power of visitors to local businesses with 91 percent of online ticket sales since May 15 booked from locations outside of Rocklin. The additional visitors and activity are also causing people to take notice of Rocklin’s historic Quarry District. The neighborhood was recently named to RedFin’s Top 10 hottest in the nation, and investment from private developers is increasing with several housing and commercial projects in the planning stages.

City staff believes that with the experience gained over the past 10 months, continued growth in visitors through group and online sales, and without the financial burden created by the former operator, the park can be successful.

A link to a full agenda from the meeting can be found here.