Storm Readiness


The City of Rocklin would like to remind Rocklin residents how they can best prepare for the season and lessen the impact of storms.


  • Clear leaves from drains and gutters
  • Bring inside or secure outdoor objects (decorations, patio furniture, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Take down tents or temporary shelters as they can blow away in high winds
  • Have supplies ready in case of power outages (food, batteries, blankets, etc.)
  • Grocery shop, fill your prescriptions, etc., so that you don’t have to go out during a storm.  
  • Bring your pets inside before a storm hits.
  • Make a Family Communication Plan so you know what to do in case of an emergency.

During a storm

During storms, the City ensures that main roadways are clear of downed trees and debris and that storm drain inlets are functioning properly. Public Services crews respond to reports of tree damage and clogged storm drains, placing priority on blocked roadways, flooding above the curb line and other hazardous situations.

  • Monitor local news sources, the City’s website, and social media channels for updates and emergency messages. Don’t call 9-1-1 unless you have a true emergency.
  • Postpone all non-essential driving until after severe storms.
  • If you must drive, turn your headlights on, slow down, and be very cautious.  Keep a disaster supplies kit in your vehicle.
  • Don’t drive through standing water.

Numbers to call

  • To report fallen trees during regular business hours, call Public Services at 916-625-5500. All other times, call the Police Department’s non-emergency number at 916-625-5400.
  • To report a power outage, call PG&E at 1-800-743-5002.  To check the status of an existing power outage, visit PG&E’s outage webpage.
  • Report downed power lines immediately by calling 9-1-1 and PG&E at 1-800-743-5002.
  • Call 9-1-1 to report flooding or fallen trees that are creating an immediate hazard.
  • For any sewer related issues, including 24-hour emergency services, call South Placer Municipal Utility District (SPMUD) at 916-786-8555.
  • For other non-emergencies, call the Police Department at 916-625-5400.

If you would like to receive emergency notifications via phone message or text, visit Placer Alert.

City Preparation Information

  • The City of Rocklin conducts annual creek maintenance throughout the dry season to prevent backlog of work when rain returns.
    • Crews physically walk entire lengths of Rocklin creeks to identify and address downed trees, beaver dams, trash, and other potential hazards prior to the wet season
    • Creek channel maintenance to maintain water capacity is done during August-October per City permits with Dept. Fish and Wildlife to minimize impacts to wildlife. The work is done using a phased approach so that each section has a year to regrow and recover before the next section is worked on.
  • The City has a tree removal contractor on standby during heavy storms for fast response times. Many cities have to scramble to find a contractor at the last minute.
  • City crews on are standby during storms, with additional staff periodically placed on standby during anticipated heavier storms.
  • The majority of the floodplains in Rocklin are located in open space preserves with no development.


As the threat of weather patterns become above normal sand, sandbags, and shovels will be made available for Rocklin residents at Johnson-Springview Park in the gravel parking lot near the community center and baseball field. The park address is 5840 5th St., Rocklin, CA 95677. 

At this time, sandbags ARE AVAILABLE (January 18, 2024)