Signal Work at Major Rocklin Intersections
Equipment Upgrades To Increase Traffic Management Capabilities


The City of Rocklin will begin installation of traffic signal controller equipment at 28 intersections on main thoroughfares in the City beginning Wednesday, March 3, a major step toward ensuring traffic flows safely and smoothly into the future.

The work will begin at the Sierra College Blvd. and Granite Drive intersection at approximately 8 a.m. and then move south to each intersection along Sierra College Blvd. The signaled intersections along the following roads will have the new equipment installed:

  • Sierra College Blvd. from Granite Drive to Rocklin Rd.
  • Rocklin Rd from Sierra College Blvd. to Pacific St.
  • Pacific St. from Delmar Ave. to Sunset Blvd.
  • Sunset Blvd. from Pacific St. to University Ave.

The equipment installation will require the traffic lights at each intersection be switched to “flash mode” for approximately 30 minutes, turning them into four-way stops. The City asks motorists to come to a complete stop when signals are flashing red, look all ways, and proceed when it is their right-of-way, and safe to do so.

Installation of the signal controllers is part of the City’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) master plan, which aims to implement technology to foster a safe, efficient, and reliable transportation network as Rocklin and the region continue to grow.

Connected and coordinated signals have the potential to decrease congestion and improve travel times during peak hours on Rocklin’s busiest corridors. The controllers will play a role in helping staff more effectively manage and operate traffic signals to increase traffic flow, as well as allow for establishment of a City traffic operations center.

Other near-term ITS goals include developing plans with neighboring cities and Caltrans to improve regional traffic management, traffic data collection and closed circuit camera deployment at major intersections.

For more information, download the Rocklin’s full ITS master plan on this page.