Roundabout at Rocklin and Pacific Takes Steps Forward


On Tuesday, July 9, the Rocklin City Council approved two resolutions related to the traffic roundabout planned at the current intersection of Rocklin Road and Pacific Street. The resolutions provided approval for needed changes to the roundabout’s design and authorized Rocklin staff to begin discussions with property owners to purchase the small amount of privately-owned surrounding land needed to build the roundabout.

Rocklin staff is currently working through the state and federal environmental approval processes for the roundabout.  Once the project is cleared, the City will be ready to move forward with finalizing the design with the appropriate state agencies, will request Council approval to finalize purchase of the needed surrounding land, and begin the process of bidding the project out for construction.

The City does not have an estimate on when each step in the process will be complete but anticipates the project to begin construction in 2020, assuming that the environmental portion is able to be completed in 2019.

To read the complete roundabout resolutions, see the July 9 City Council Agenda items 14 and 15.