Rocklin Submits Response to Loomis Costco Report


The economic success of the City of Rocklin is intertwined with the entire region and Rocklin views the fiscal health of neighboring municipalities as vital to future growth for all.

On June 8, the Town of Loomis released a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for a proposed Costco project at the southeast corner of Sierra College Blvd. and Brace Rd., immediately adjacent to the Rocklin city limit boundary. The project could generate millions of dollars in estimated sales tax revenues for Loomis, but the current proposed location and site plan present significant challenges to Rocklin’s transportation infrastructure and services.

Rocklin and Loomis leaders have met to discuss the draft EIR and Rocklin has submitted the attached response letter to the document which outlines major areas of concern. The document was officially submitted to Loomis July 25, prior to the public comment deadline.

Rocklin supports regional partners in smart development and understands Loomis’ desire for anchor retail tenants. However, Rocklin must ensure that projects with potentially significant and widespread local impacts are planned meticulously and include realistic projections and solutions to those impacts. Protecting the wise investments in public infrastructure made by Rocklin residents and businesses to develop current and future capacity near Sierra College Blvd and I-80 is the top priority.  

Rocklin looks forward to continued dialogue with Loomis on the Costco project, with the goal of a development that not only benefits both jurisdictions, but the south Placer region as whole.

City of Rocklin Response Letter to Town of Loomis - Costco DEIR

Loomis Costco Draft Environmental Impact Report