Rocklin Road/Sierra College Corridor Multimodal Enhancements Stakeholder Advisory Meeting Summary


The City of Rocklin is making long-term operational and circulation improvements at the Rocklin Road/Interstate 80 Interchange to address existing traffic congestion and improve walking and biking connections between downtown Rocklin and Sierra College.

As part of the comprehensive public outreach efforts surrounding this project, the City of Rocklin held a third meeting with key stakeholders on August 22, 2022. The group included representatives from gas stations adjacent to the project as well as the Sierra Foothills Cycling Club.  The purpose of this meeting was to provide updated project information on the two project alternatives as well as the status of the right of way and driveway access.

Highlights of the meeting include:

  • Alternative 1, the Divergent Diamond Interchange (DDI) with Infield Ped/Bike Overcrossing, has been updated based on community feedback to extend the overcrossing to avoid pedestrian and bicycle conflicts with vehicles at the eastbound on-ramp and add staircases to provide more direct travel for pedestrians.   
  • Alternative 2, the DDI with the Adjacent Ped/Bike Undercrossing, provides a more direct pedestrian/bike route, but would require I-80 Bridge extension and have potential pedestrian and bicycle conflicts with vehicles at the uncontrolled eastbound on-ramp.  
  • Driveway and right of way access had been previously discussed with each of the businesses adjacent to the project.  Stakeholders in attendance had no concerns with the agreed improvements, and discussions will continue as the project moves forward.
  • Estimated cost for Alternative 1 is $34 million, with Alternative 2 costing just under $38 million, with state grant funding programs being pursued for part of the cost.
  • Bicycle advocates were concerned about crossing the entrance of the eastbound traffic with no protection, suggesting signals.  The project design team responded that the road is being designed for safe travel for all modes as well as free-flowing traffic, which means Alternative 2 would not be able to have signalized crossing but there would be a crosswalk for vehicles to yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.  Bicycle advocates emphasizing the biggest concern remained speed and safety at crosswalks as well as out-of-direction travel for Alternative 1.

The meeting concluded with the project team explaining to reach out to them with any questions or concerns. They closed with the project’s next steps:

  • Approval of Engineering and Environmental Technical Studies – In Progress
  • Approval of Draft Project Report – September 2022
  • Community Meeting #3 – Tentatively set for late September via zoom
  • Rocklin City Council Public Hearing – Draft Environmental Document – October 2022

Read an extended meeting summary with additional diagrams here.