Rocklin Ranked in 100 Best Places to Live


The City of Rocklin was recently named as one of the 100 best places to live in America by Money Magazine!

The magazine looked at cities that had a low crime risk, a diverse population between 50,000 and 300,000 people, and more than 85% of the state’s median income. From there, each city was researched in greater depth, with economic, recreational, educational, and many other factors in consideration. Reporters also interviewed residents from the area and got their opinions on intangible factors.

The people who live and work in Rocklin are the heart of the community and have built a special place for residents and visitors. Rocklin has a mixture of first-class business, retail, and recreational opportunities often offered by larger cities, but also combines those amenities with neighborhoods that maintain their sense of community and small-town values.

Rocklin schools are consistently listed with the best in the region. Low crime rates and top-notch public safety departments have also placed Rocklin in the top 20 safest cities in California. It’s also great for residents and visitors to know a park is located less than half a mile from every door in the city.

Rocklin was one of only four California cities to make the list - an impressive feat. To encourage geographical diversity, a maximum of only four cities per state and one city per county were allowed in the final count.

In short, Rocklin is thriving and one of the best places to live in America!