Rocklin dog owners will soon be required to take care of pets’ business


The Rocklin City Council adopted an ordinance Tuesday night requiring pet owners to immediately clean up their pets’ waste when on public property or private property they don’t own.

The new ordinance is intended to hold pet owners or those with possession of an animal accountable for removing their dog’s feces and disposing of it in a sanitary manner. The ordinance gives the Rocklin Police Department the authority to fine people violating the ordinance up to $100 for the first citation, $250 for the second citation, and $500 for all subsequent citations in a 12-month period.

City Council and staff strive to provide residents with the highest quality parks and trails and this law will encourage a cleaner environment for all.

“The purpose of this ordinance is to send a clear message that what’s expected in our community is that people pick up after their dogs,” said Vice-Mayor Bill Halldin. “I’m hopeful this will improve some people’s behavior when they are reminded of this common courtesy, as well as provide city employees the tools for enforcement of the new rule.”

The ordinance would also require people walking dogs to carry a bag or wrapper to dispose of waste and make it illegal for a person to allow animal waste to accumulate on their private property, creating unsanitary or nuisance conditions.

The new ordinance is available on the City of Rocklin website and will be effective on July 24.

The Rocklin municipal code already requires that all dogs be leashed, except within a City-designated dog park, in order to protect pets from harming people or other dogs, or becoming lost. Walking a dog without a leash could also result in a fine.