Pioneer Community Energy Shares Rocklin Savings Stats


Pioneer Community Energy is a community choice aggregator that purchases reliable power at competitive rates for businesses and residents in Placer and Eldorado counties, including Rocklin. The energy purchased is delivered through PG&E lines and infrastructure, which also bills customers.

Pioneer’s main goal is to provide energy to Rocklin and their other communities at competitive rates. They do not have shareholders or earn profit but instead are led by a board of local elected officials, including a representative from the Rocklin City Council, who make decisions to pass on savings to customers.  

Pioneer began providing electricity to the Placer County region in February 2018, including the cities of Rocklin, Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, the Town of Loomis, and Placer County. Pioneer also began providing service to Eldorado County and Placerville in January 2022.

Pioneer recently completed a savings analysis for the City of Rocklin, showing customers saved more than $5.8 million in total from Feb. 2018 – Dec. 2021. The graphic on this page breaks down energy savings by customer class, outlines payments made to solar customers, and more.

Pioneer customers currently save up to 10.5% on electric generation.