May 25 City Council Recap
Bike Pump Track, WCTV, and Vector Control


A photo of the bike pump track in Temecula, CA

City Council Discusses Community Proposal for Bike Pump Track

The Rocklin City Council directed staff to research the feasibility, cost, and potential funding sources to build a bike pump track on City parkland at the May 25 meeting. Sites for consideration are areas at or near Margaret Azevedo Park, Johnson-Springview Park, Twin Oaks Park, and Whitney Park.

A pump track is a course designed for bicycles with banked turns and hills, also called berms and rollers, where riders travel the course with minimal pedaling.

The discussion was prompted by community interest, led by the Rocklin Bike Coalition, whose vision statement is “to build and maintain free to use, inclusive, recreational amenities that will benefit the current and future families of and visitors to the community of Rocklin, CA.”

Similar paved pump tracks to the concept presented exist in Temecula, CA, and Leavenworth, WA, with dirt tracks open locally in Auburn and Elk Grove.

The Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission also provided recommendation to support the research into the pump track within the future development of Whitney Park Phase II at their May 12, 2021 meeting.

View the City Council item and presentation here.

Whitney High School Broadcast Team Recognized

The 2021 Whitney High School Broadcast Team poses for a photo with Mayor Jill Gayaldo.

City Council honored the 2020-2021 Whitney High School broadcasting program class for their accomplishments and awards earned during the COVID-19-stricken school year.

The Council was impressed with the perseverance and adaptability shown by students, staff and their parents, exemplified by the class’ ability to produce awarding-winning videos during the challenging times.

View the presentation by clicking the video link on Item 15 here.

Placer Mosquito and Vector Control Updates Council

The Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District provided their annual mosquito activity update to City Council. Public Information Officer Meagan Luevano and CEO Joel Buettner outlined the organization’s efforts to manage the risks from vectors like mosquitos, ticks and yellow jackets  and vector-borne disease.

Placer Mosquito uses various methods to do so, including surveillance, chemical control, biological control, community outreach, technology and applied research.

West Nile Virus, lyme disease, and hantavirus are just a few of the vector-borne diseases found in Placer County that pose risks to people. This mosquito season, drought conditions may increase spread of West Nile Virus and mosquito activity will increase as temperatures warm.

See the full report by clicking the video link to item 16 in the meeting agenda.


View the full City Council meeting agenda for Tuesday, May 25, here.