March 12 Rocklin City Council Recap
Fire Dept. Annual Report; Ruhkala Awards; Community Development Block Grant


2023 Rocklin Fire Department Annual Report

Rocklin Deputy Fire Chief Reginald Williams presented the Rocklin Fire Department’s 2023 annual report to the City Council Tuesday night. 

Williams outlined data on the number and type of calls to each station, response times and heat maps showing the locations of fire and emergency medical service (EMS) calls among other important trends.

In 2023, the Rocklin Fire Department responded to 6,216 calls for service between January 1 and December 31, which was a decrease of 3.2% from the year prior. Emergency medical services accounted for a majority of these calls (4,165 incidents) with the Fire Department responding to an average of 518 incidents per month.

Heat maps were presented to council to illustrate the different areas around the City that the Fire Dept. would be called to respond to. Public outreach and education was also highlighted, including hands-only CPR training, outreach to schools, and community event participation.

Councilmembers shared their gratitude for Chief Williams and the entire Fire Department team.

“We appreciate the detail and the report and all that you and your team do,” Councilmember Halldin told Williams, ”This was an extraordinary year by the entire team and I know the entire community appreciates everything you do.” 

Ruhkala Award Honorees

Council approved staff recommendations for the 2024 Ruhkala Awards, who will be honored at a future City Council meeting.

The four honorees are listed below: 

  • Robin Trimble- Individual Honoree
  • Rocklin Chamber Leadership Rocklin- Group/Service Organization Honoree
  • Boy Scout Troop 219 and Cub Scout Troop 29- Youth Honoree
  • David Baker- Pioneer Honoree

CDGB Draft Annual Action Plan

Council approved of the annual draft for the 2024/2025 Community Development Block Grant. The City of Rocklin receives funding from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development in the form of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) each year. The funds are used, in part, to assist residents with securing adequate housing, benefit the elderly, and expand economic opportunities for low and moderate income area within the City.

Staff estimates that Rocklin will receive around $285,000 for the program year, with funds allocated towards public facilities, programs, and administrative services.

The public services funds will be divided evenly between three programs:

  • Seniors First, a senior nutrition program.
  • Stand Up Placer, a victim services program.
  • St. Vincent De Paul, food bags program.

Each of these providers will use these funds to serve the Rocklin community. They have received these funds in the past and have had a demonstrated record for utilizing these funds for good use.

Public facilities funds will be used towards sidewalk repairs around the city and ADA improvements within Pacific St. and Grove St. as well as Sunset Blvd. and Farron Road. 

This presentation was one of two required public hearings in preparation for the final CDGB grant.