July 14, 2020 Council Meeting Recap


Public Comment

During matters not on the agenda, a group of concerned residents addressed the Council regarding a property in their neighborhood being frequently rented on AirBNB and used to host large parties.

The Council commended the residents for bringing the matter to their attention and committed to have staff investigate and possibly enforce regulations under an ordinance designed to control AirBNB activity passed on August 13, 2019.

City Reaffirms Support of Rocklin Chamber during COVID-19

In order to assist the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce in utilizing their available funding toward COVID-19 business recovery efforts, City Council waived the organization’s $1,000 per month lease payment for the train station building through December 2020.

The Rocklin Chamber benefits local businesses and economic development in multiple ways, but their income has been reduced significantly by the pandemic due to forced cancellations of major fundraising events and a decline in membership.

Development Fee Impact Study

When new development is built in the City of Rocklin, the owners of the projects are charged fees to help pay to build the public facilities needed to serve the people that will live in the new neighborhoods.The City of Rocklin is preparing to update some of these fees.

On Tuesday night, City Council was provided a presentation specifically focused on updating fees to pay for future parks and recreation facilities with a secondary focus on general government facilities.

Impact fees to pay for parks haven’t been updated in 20 years, while general best practice recommends impact fee updates every five years. This has caused several difficulties. First, the city has accepted more property dedicated to future parks from developers than it can develop. Second, the community park fee is set at a level far below the actual cost of developing park land. Third, there is no identified source of funding for development of trails.

In updating the fees, a balance will need to be struck that generates needed funds for facilities and infrastructure to support new residents, while not overburdening future residential and commercial projects.

Staff anticipates proposed development fees would be presented for further discussion and input from Council and the community at the August 11 Council meeting, with no formal action requested at that time. An ordinance and accompanying resolution would likely be brought back for adoption in September.


The full agenda and recording of the July 14 City Council meeting can be accessed here.