January 9 City Council Meeting Recap
Build Up Rocklin; Rocklin Adopts Hearts For Heroes Program


Build Up Rocklin Program Update

Rocklin City Council was given a special presentation regarding the Build Up Rocklin program.

In February 2022, Council approved over $3 million dollars for community support programs. These included grants for small businesses and nonprofits, mental health assistance, and the Build Up Rocklin program. 

This program is a partnership between the Growth Factory, a nonprofit business accelerator located here in Rocklin, and the City to provide Rocklin small businesses with the technical support they need to take their businesses to the next level. 

The first cohort of businesses assembled last year, meeting on a regular basis to discuss financials, learn how to create realistic goals, and discuss marketing strategies. The second round of Build Up Rocklin is live and accepting applications. The deadline for businesses to apply is January 14. 

Several businesses of the first cohort spoke during the meeting to talk about their experiences within the program.

Build Up Rocklin has been instrumental in helping us launch our business,” the Lee of Lee and Kathy’s Kitchen shared. ”We were able to take the City’s funding and purchase all of our inventory to get our first round off the ground. We have completed four weeks at the midtown farmers market. That’s all because of the funding that you gave us. This program provided us with the insight and financials for how to use the money we had received in the best way possible to get a higher return on our investment. This program is paramount to small businesses based in Rocklin in order to succeed and grow.”

Joey Febres, co-owner of West Coast Fusion Elite, also shared  his gratitude for the program. ”For us, Build Up Rocklin couldn’t have come at a better time. After losing 90% of our membership-based business, we were struggling to find ways to recover. Build Up Rocklin gave us systems and tools to systematize what we really needed to do so that we can have a game plan to move forward versus just depending on people walking through our doors… Build Up Rocklin put us in contact with some companies that are helping us grow even more. Thank you, Rocklin, for this opportunity.”

Small Rocklin businesses interested in applying can learn more here.

Hearts 4 Heroes

City Council received a presentation from Shelley Martell, founder and Executive Director of Hearts 4 Heroes. 

Hearts 4 Heroes is a nonprofit organization that provides mental health services to firefighters through canine therapy. 

Shelley provided details on the benefits, mission, and Paw Platoon program, which places in-house therapy dogs with agencies. ”Dogs help our firefighters with the anxiety they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Petting a dog brings in the dopamine that helps them feel better… we want to thank the City for adopting this program and realizing the importance of mental health for your firefighters.”

Council was introduced to Maggie May, the current therapy dog residing at the Rocklin Fire Station, alongside other canines from the program.