Find Election Results
Placer County Offers Election Tracker to Keep Voters Informed


Placer County will post election night results at the link below beginning on Nov 3, and then again Friday, and every Tuesday and Friday moving forward, until the results are officially certified 30 days after the election.

The County also offers the customizable Election Tracker, which allows people to focus on those contests that are important and of interest to them. Easily select by contest or measure and see the detailed results. Results can also be broken down by precincts or by how the votes are cast.

To use Election Tracker, start by clicking on Choose a Contest. Then select from the races and measures on Placer County ballots for this election. For example, to follow the race for President and Vice President in the County, you would select (highlight) that race on the list and then click on View Contest. This will bring up a list of the candidates for the race you have selected. You would then select View Detail to see the total for current, counted results of this race or contest in Placer County.