Feb 8 City Council Meeting Recap
Proposed Code Enforcement Changes, Concert Contractor Agreement, Organic Waste Grant


Citizen input leads to changes for proposed ordinances

The Rocklin City Council postponed planned changes to City ordinances that were drafted to modify standards to better address major automobile repair on residential property, clarify a timetable and responsibility for removal of graffiti, and edit confusing exceptions related to storage of accessory vehicles.

These “public nuisance” conditions, negatively affect the beauty of neighborhoods and can be detrimental to overall quality of life.

Two areas of concern expressed by residents focused on standards to limit residential vehicle repair and the parking of unregistered vehicles.

The intent of the repair ordinance to discourage auto repair businesses from unlawfully operating from a residence was generally supported by City Council. However, the Council asked staff to modify details that were seen as too broad, which limited the types of tools used for auto repair and what constituted minor repair.

Changes to address abandoned or inoperable vehicle parking will also be modified and brought back for public hearing. The changes proposed were to require inoperable vehicles parked in the public view to be registered with the California DMV. Council also asked registration in other states and internationally to also be acceptable.

View the full staff report.

Quarry Park Amphitheater Agreement

The 2021 concert season marked the return of live music and events to Quarry Park Amphitheater and the City of Rocklin. ST Productions, the City’s third-party contractor, had a successful first season, which included a total of 18 events and over 15,000 attendees.

The first operating season for the Quarry Park Amphitheater Management and Operating Agreement showcased the reasons why the City established the partnership. It helped the City achieve a range of goals including: maximizing use of the facility; improving the level of talent; minimizing costs to the City while generating revenue; shifting staffs time and responsibilities to focus on other key areas of need; and enhancing event tourism and economic impact in our community.

In an effort to maintain a mutually beneficial agreement, staff and ST Productions have reviewed the Operating Agreement City Council approved the changes summarized below:

  • Ticket Fee Increase from $1/ticket to $3/ticket to offset the City’s expenses;
  • Rental Fee Increase from $500/event to $1,000/event to offset the City’s expenses;
  • Add Hard Cost Reimbursement requirements (i.e. cleaning costs and utilities) to recover direct City costs;
  • Memorialize the Removal of the City Sponsorship Percentage;
  • Continue Deposit Advance Account for 2022 Season;
  • Adjust City Parking Operations Language;
  • Address Operational Areas and Restricted Access Areas;
  • Address Storage Areas and Responsibilities; and,
  • Add Operating Procedures for Wildfire/Smoke, COVID-19, and Force Majeure Events

The amendments will help provide continued success and fiscal sustainability for both parties. These changes highlight the partnership between the City and ST Productions and the shared vision of providing the best possible structure and experience for our residents and visitors.

Read more about the agreement

City applies for grant to offset City organic waste and recycling costs

Senate Bill 1383 increased the requirements in California to reduce organic waste. SB 1383 also requires the City to report on a wide variety of information regarding SB 1383 implementation, starting in April of 2022.

To offset the reporting costs, the City Council approved Rocklin staff to submit a grant to CalRecycle in the amount of $93,447. The funds are proposed to be used, in part, to hire a business services technician who will work on compliance matters, and offset the cost of time spent by other staff related to addressing SB 1383.

Read the staff report


Find the full Feb. 8 City Council meeting agenda and watch full videos of the each item of discussion here.