Choose Rocklin This Holiday Season
Learn How You Can Support Local Businesses During The Holidays


Rocklin is home to hundreds of local and small businesses, each of which provides unique products and services that make this City so unique. From family-owned boutiques and restaurants to local diners and mom-and-pop shops, Rocklin’s businesses help lay the foundation for City commerce and tourism.

This holiday season, be sure to Choose Rocklin businesses and support local. These owners and employees work day and night to provide residents with a unique and personable experience you just can’t get shopping online.

Here are four ways you can CHOOSE ROCKLIN this holiday season:

  1. Spread The Word: Businesses thrive on positive recommendations from customers and word-of mouth. If you like a business, be sure to let others know! Tell your friends and family! Share it to social media! Refer them to a co-worker! This is a great way to support a business without having to spend money.
  2. Buy A Gift Card: Don’t need a businesses product or service at the moment? Give a gift card to someone who you think would like what that business has to offer!
  3. Leave A Positive Review: Many people decide on whether or not to visit a business through online reviews of their store. If you had a positive experience with a local business, be sure to add your thoughts to their review page via Google or Yelp! 
  4. Participate In Business Events: Many businesses throw fun holiday events and contests during December. This month, several local Rocklin business owners are hosting a fun photo contest where participants have a chance to win $300! Learn more about the “Holly & Jolly Photo Contest.”