August 22 City Council Meeting Recap
Summer Civic Career Program; Assemblyman Joe Patterson


Summer Civic Career Program Students Recognized

City Council recognized the efforts and accomplishments of this year’s Summer Civic Career Program (SCCP), participant’s. 

This program introduces high school students to some of the behind-the-scenes roles that help the City function and highlights some of the more visible roles, like firefighter, police officer, and building inspector. Fifteen applicants were split into two teams and spent a minimum of four hours with each department in the City.

Mayor Ken Broadway addressed the student’s achievements. 

“Through the program, you have embarked on a path towards increased knowledge, towards a greater understanding through enhanced community engagement, and today is a milestone with your completion and, essentially, your graduation, in that process. Your unwavering commitment to making Rocklin a better place is a testament to your character and your potential.”

The students were presented with certificates of completion and scholarships for their completion of the program. 

Assemblyman Joe Patterson

Assemblyman Joe Patterson gave a special presentation during Tuesday night’s Rocklin City Council meeting. Patterson previously served as part of the Rocklin council during prior years.

Patterson spoke on the efforts of improving and expanding the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area (SWRA), a project that has had positive approval among Rocklin residents. Patterson was able to secure approval of $500,000 from the California state budget in additional funding for the City to build a bridge from SWRA to Johnson-Springview Park.

“This bridge will be a great way for kids who live in and around the area will have a way to go to school,” Patterson stated regarding the bridge. “It’s also a great regional opportunity for cross-country meets. I’m really excited about it… it’s an honor to be able to do this, not only because Rocklin is a City I love, but I think it will benefit the entire region.”

Patterson presented a check to council for $500,000 towards building the bridge.