April 11 City Council Recap
Proclamation Honoring Joe Zario; 2023 Storm Events Update


Proclamation Recognizing Joe Zario

City Council recognized the late Joe Zario, who was the longest serving board member for the Rocklin Little League, with a proclamation honoring his contribution to the Rocklin community.

Joe served the Rocklin Little League for 21-years and made a lasting impact by sharing his love of baseball. Mayor Broadway shared remarks on how reliable and friendly Joe was to everyone he came in contact with. Additionally, Mayor Broadway shared that Joe was known for letting kids pick up trash around the snack bar then giving them snack bar tickets, just to keep them engaged.

As a long time member of the Rocklin Little League, Joe served in a variety of capacities such as umpire, board member, and snack bar coordinator.

Members of Mr. Zario’s family were in attendance to receive the proclamation recognizing Joe Zario for his contribution to the Rocklin Little League and the entire Rocklin community.

2023 Storm Events Update

Public Services Director Justin Nartker provided an update on the 2023 Storms Events, which heavily impacted the community in the first months of the new year.

Members of the Volunteer Emergency Response Team responded to 200 hours of service, which included responding to hazardous areas until professional crews were on site. Storm response required action from not only our Public Services Department, but also the Rocklin Fire Department and Police Department. Rocklin Fire responded to calls for service such as down trees, localized flooding, weather related vehicle accidents, and electrical mitigation hazard. Ongoing storm events resulted in 42 downed trees and required the use of heavy equipment in order to clear debris in the creeks.

Staff continue to work to repair damages from the 2023 storm events.