Meetings, Agendas, Minutes, and Public Hearing Notices

General information

The City of Rocklin conducts its business in compliance with Government Code Section 54950 (the “Brown Act”). The intent of the Act is to ensure that deliberation and actions of local public agencies are conducted in open and at public meetings. A meeting takes place whenever a quorum (generally three or more members) is present and information about the business of the body is received.  Social functions (e.g., receptions, dinners) do not fall under the Act unless City business is conducted. 

Agendas for regular meetings must be posted 72 hours in advance of the meeting and must meet various requirements. The public, by law, has an opportunity to speak on any item of interest to the public that is within the jurisdiction of the board or commission, at the time the matter is heard.  Five minutes per speaker is often the established time limit for speakers. At times, special meetings may be called for with strict notification requirements for delivery to the media and commissioners 24 hours before the time of the meeting. 

The staff liaison assigned to the advisory body is responsible for preparation of the minutes of each meeting.  Meeting minutes shall be a brief record of matters discussed and actions taken by the advisory body.