Landscaping and Parks Maintenance

General information

Maintaining Medians and Parkways

Re-landscaping medians is done by City of Rocklin staff. Regular maintenance, weed control, hedging and pruning are handled by various contract landscape companies hired by the City of Rocklin. 

The entire irrigation system for all median and parkway landscaping is maintained by City staff, as is over ten miles of wood fencing.

Landscape Inspection and Compliance

The Parks & Recreation Department has one full time City employee responsible for landscape inspections and contract compliance for over 4.5 million square feet of landscaping within the City of Rocklin. In addition, City staff adheres to all state, county and city mandates.

Future Citywide Development

As part of the long range planning and budgeting process, management and supervisory staff are required to work with development and engineering staff to coordinate new landscape enhancement projects. These activities include:

  • planning, designing and budget review
  • providing landscape material recommendations
  • performing inspections
  • final walk-through on completed projects

Additionally, Parks staff act as a support unit to project managers throughout the various stages of construction.

Landscaping Contracts

Landscape contracts will be growing right along with the construction of landscaped areas in new developments and throughout the City. 

Landscape contractors interested in doing business with the City of Rocklin may contact Public Services at (916) 625-5500 for information.