Art- Drawing, Painting, and Multimedia

General information

Tap into your creative side. Join artist Mara Raubitschek for an ongoing drawing and painting class. Learn basic color and composition while designing your own creations. Try out a variety of materials and discover how to make them work for you through guided lessons and experimentation.

Classes are held in the Senior Meeting Room located at the Parks and Recreation Office Building. All materials are provided with the fee for the classes.

Classes are offered:    

Wednesdays 4pm-5:30pm for ages 7-19 Fees: $120/4 classes                                                                   

Sundays 11:30am-1pm for Ages 7 & Up  Fees: $120/4classes                                           

Sundays 11am-1pm for ages 13-19  Fees: $140/4 classes                                                                                    

You can contact Mara to register for classes: 916-412-5516 or at