Rocklin Offers Restaurants More Flexibility with Temporary Outdoor Dining Guidelines
Outdoor Dining Application


The Rocklin City Council approved an urgency ordinance to reduce the outdoor dining and beverage service establishment regulations on an interim basis in response to COVID-19 at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

The urgency ordinance authorizes the creation of a temporary outdoor business permit application to allow temporary outdoor use of private property for dining and beverage service operations (including temporary structures and improvements). The urgency ordinance does not include the waiver of safety provisions of the California building and fire codes.

This is a temporary allowance set by the City Council of the City of Rocklin, and is subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Prior to creating an outdoor seating area, the business owner shall submit to the Community Development Department a diagram with dimensions of the outdoor seating area which indicates the number of tables and chairs and provisions for access, fencing, screening and shade (including tents), as applicable. The submission must have sufficient detail so that staff can determine the layout and location on the site.
  2. Dining located in parking areas need to include additional site information; perimeter barrier details-type, boundaries, opening location & widths for exiting, nearest fire hydrant location, vehicular access, and building exit locations.
  3. If plans include tents, please use this Outdoor Dining Tent Checklist and Safety Information Sheet.
  4. If provided, include heating appliance information and electrical sources.
  5. The outdoor seating area shall be contiguous to the current occupied restaurant space.
  6. The combination of outdoor seats and indoor seats planned for use under the new state guidelines shall not exceed the previously allowed occupancy limits.
  7. Parking spaces may be used for dining tables, but there must be a physical barrier or separation to protect customers from vehicle traffic, such as bollards or planter boxes.
  8. If the business owner is not the property owner, property owner approval shall be provided.
  9. If the outdoor seating area extends into space occupied or otherwise used by an adjacent business, approval by the adjacent business shall be provided.
  10. Outdoor tables and chairs must be placed on private property and not block or restrict access to or from any building and must comply with Building, Fire, Health, State and Federal codes and requirements as may be applicable. Tables must be spaced at least 6 feet apart and be on a paved surface.
  11. The outdoor seating area shall be maintained free of trash and other debris.
  12. If outdoor music is provided, it shall be as muted background music.
  13. Any outdoor alcohol consumption shall be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
  14. Businesses are reminded that they must maintain compliance with the State’s current public health order and guidance.

Restaurants interested in taking advantage of this program can complete the form below or contact the Rocklin Community Development Department at (916) 625-5166 or by email at for approval.

The City of Rocklin will strive to review applications and conduct inspections (if needed) as soon as possible. Fees for applicable permits or inspections will be waived.

Outdoor Dining Sketch Sample