Investment Advisory Committee

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The Investment Advisory Committee consists of three members (and one alternate) appointed to alternating three year terms. All three of the founding members of the Committee shall be appointed to a one-year, two-year, and three-year overlapping terms so as to stagger the terms of the members. The Investment Advisory Committee shall provide oversight and make recommendations to the City Treasurer with respect to investment activities and Legislative Policy No. 1.

Once a regular meeting schedule is determined, the Committee will meet on a semi-annual basis.

Investment Advisory Committee Members

  • Ramakrishna (Krishna) Bachina (Term expires 6/30/24)
  • Jack Arney (Term expires 6/30/2025)
  • Jeffrey Schnoebelen, Chairperson (Term expires 6/30/26)

Want to participate online? See the instructions for using Zoom. The Zoom Meeting ID and Password can be found on the agenda for each meeting.

Visit the Listen Live page to listen to live streaming audio for regularly scheduled public meetings.

Agendas, minutes, agenda packets, post-agenda items, and videos for Investment Advisory Committee meetings starting on March 2023 can be accessed using the “Upcoming Events” and “Available Archives” sections below.

For access to Investment Advisory Committee meeting content older than March 2023, use the following links: