Stormwater Pipes being Relined in Rocklin Neighborhoods

Article Siena Hansen

If you have noticed an unpleasant smell in the air this week, it may be related to infrastructure repairs to stormwater pipes under city streets.

Rocklin Public Services recently began repairing corrugated metal pipes in several neighborhoods, starting with areas near Fair Dr. and Sunset Blvd, and Eagle Ct. These kind of pipes have a natural expiration date (some are nearly 30 years old) but have been wearing out faster than expected. To avoid unanticipated costs, Public Services has been repairing segments of pipes in residential areas over the past four years.

Once repairs begin, they take about a day, causing little impact on residents, other than a slightly unpleasant smell caused by the resin materials used to reline the pipes. Residents might also see steam coming up from the segments being worked on, but it is not hazardous.

Each year, Public Services does as much work as the budget will allow to repair and prevent any damage, focusing on residential areas.

“The last thing we want is for a pipe to burst and cause any inconvenience or damage to a resident’s private property,” says Streets Operations Manager Rick Lawrence. “Our teams seek to be as proactive and efficient as possible, and we are always looking ahead to keep our infrastructure in great condition for Rocklin residents.”

This weeks saw lining replacement completed on segments near Eagle Ct. and will work continue over the next several months in this and other areas.