Rocklin Historical Society Honored at Wall of Recognition Ceremony

Article By Alyssa Mielke

Hank Lohse, Rocklin Historical Society President, and his wife Nancy stand with Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson, Councilmember Jill Gayaldo, Vice-Mayor Greg Janda, Councilmember Ken Broadway, and Councilmember Bill Halldin at the unveiling of the Wall of Recognition.

Rocklin City Council, residents, and members of the Rocklin Historical Society gathered on November 7 to celebrate the organization’s accomplishments and unveil the etching of their name in granite on the Wall of Recognition.

“Rocklin Historical Society has done an excellent job at helping us preserve the collective memory of the City,” said Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson. “I don’t think there is anything remotely like it in the area, with all their tremendous accomplishments.”

The ceremony took place in Old St. Mary’s Chapel, one of Rocklin Historical Society’s many masterpieces around town. Over 130 years old, the chapel was slated for demolition in 2005 before the Society stepped in to re-locate it down the street and restore it to its original beauty. The chapel is now a historical landmark and popular venue for weddings and other special events.

The Rocklin Historical Society is also behind the creation of the Rocklin Historical Museum, which contains a fascinating collection of artifacts and histories from the very beginnings of the town with information on the rocks, ranches, and railroads dating back to the 1800s.

In recent years, the organization has coordinated the annual tree lighting ceremony, organized parades, and as a whole has persevered and championed Rocklin history to the delight of residents.

“On behalf of the Rocklin Historical Society, I would like to thank the entire City Council and the Community Recognition Commission that has made all of this possible today,” said Hank Lohse, President of the Rocklin Historical Society.

Founded in 1988 and now with 270 members, the Rocklin Historical Society has four committees and no plans of slowing down. Future goals for the Society include building a railroad museum by the train station, where one of the only turntables in the Western U.S. currently resides, and continuing to preserve artifacts and open space in old town Rocklin to contribute to the small town atmosphere.

The Wall of Recognition was created in 2018 to permanently commemorate people, families, businesses, and community groups that make significant contributions to the City, which shape the character, history, culture, and identity of Rocklin.