Quarry Park Amphitheater Is a Little More Green

Article By Alyssa Mielke

After four seasons of incredible concerts, the recent addition of a permanent green room behind the Platinum Living Amphitheater (PLA) at Quarry Park allows for more and even better events.

The new green room— which is actually painted red to match current theme—features two bathrooms, three private rooms, and a sitting room that binds it all together. The layout enables multiple acts to have private space, leading to more relaxed talent and an improved experience for guests.

“The green room was installed both to enhance services provided to entertainers and to attract higher-level talent to create tourism for the City of Rocklin,” said Kevin Huntzinger, Parks and Recreation Manager.

This pre-fab building was specifically ordered with the needs of the PLA in mind, eliminating the need for trailer or cabana rentals and improving security. Entertainers can be comfortable in a climate-controlled building and walk to the stage nearby without the need for an escort, saving the City approximately $500 per event on security costs alone.

Tour buses can now also fit behind the stage to access power and recharge, a vital step in attracting higher-end talent who are on tour.

Parks and Recreation staff says the next concert season begins in mid-April 2020, but the green room has already proved itself useful during Hot Chili and Cool Cars.

“This is more than just a talent green room; it’s a multipurpose room that we can utilize for a number of events as a headquarters,” Huntzinger said.  “We’re looking forward to seeing the benefits from its use over the years.”