New Homes and Businesses Approved for Old K-Mart Site

Article By Alyssa Mielke

The long-vacant former K-Mart property at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Pacific St. will undergo an extreme makeover after City Council, on Oct. 8, unanimously approved plans for development of a mix of residential and commercial buildings.

St. Anton Communities, the developer of the project, will transform the 15.4-acre lot with 180 income-restricted workforce housing apartments, 40 single-family homes, and two commercial structures.

The Quarry Place apartments will be dedicated to workforce housing, welcoming tenants with low and very-low incomes. These are recent college graduates, young teachers, and even entry level firefighters that will be able to comfortably afford a quality home in Rocklin thanks to this project. The apartments will offer high quality amenities, such as a swimming pool, dog park, and a children’s play area, among other practical facilities.

The 40 new single-family homes are envisioned for entry-level buyers and as future options for those renting Quarry Place apartments that are ready to take the next step into home ownership.

The new housing opportunities also assist the City in meeting state mandated affordable-housing requirements.

“This moves us forward in meeting a much-needed product within our community, and it does so in a way that exceeds expectations,” said Councilmember Ken Broadway at the Oct. 8 City Council meeting. 

New store fronts will offer additional goods and services to the community, and the new residents will support local businesses and help to bolster economic activity.

The development is the result of four years of acquisition, planning, and design by the developer, which worked with the City in order to best benefit residents and surrounding neighborhoods. The vacant lot has been the source of numerous calls to code enforcement and Rocklin Police Department, and the new quality housing and commercial opportunities offer the location a fresh start.