Mental Health Month
Finding the Positive

Article By Alyssa Mielke

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the City of Rocklin is sharing tips from the organization Mental Health America to help manage mental health each week.

The pandemic has ushered in experiences of loss in waves, from lost jobs, special events, relationships, and loved ones. Going through a grieving process is natural, and looking for opportunity in adversity or finding the positive can help people recover mentally and emotionally.

Learn From Others
You are not alone! Communities have various support groups that can help navigate loss or tragedy. There are also opportunities to share online for those how don’t feel comfortable talking about things face-to-face. By asking questions about how others got through tough times, people can gain information that can help them overcome as well.

Honor Your Loss
The pain of loss can be overwhelming. Finding time to focus on cherished memories that someone or something has left behind, and the gratitude for having had those experiences, can sometimes help. Having someone share in reminiscing can also be cathartic.

Memorializing someone can also help keep their memory alive. Think about what that person cared about most. Create a fundraiser for a cause that was close to their heart, try activities they enjoyed, or visit their favorite places

Look for Opportunity Amid Adversity
Loss of a job is difficult but can sometimes open new possibilities when searching for the next opportunity. Additional down time can also offer moments to connect with friends. It not selfish to look for ways to improve your life after loss. It may help you to see your experience as a strength that will help you deal with tough situations in the future.

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*This article is part of a series for Mental Health Awareness during the month of May. A new article with mental health tips will be released each week.