2021 Ruhkala Community Service Awards Feature
Staci Bier - Individual Award Recipient

Article Siena Hansen
Staci Bier at a Staci's Helping Hands outreach event

Staci’s Helping Hands was born in 2017 when Rocklin resident Staci Bier took on leadership of a small charitable group and decided to run a food pantry out of her apartment. Her mission was to simply help those in the community who are hungry.

Today, Staci’s Helping Hands has grown into an online community with more than 2,500 members, who regularly provide food and baby products to those in need, and deliver meals and gifts during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Bier’s group doesn’t ask for income or residency information and is available to people struggling that might not qualify for other assistance, something she can relate to.

“Having shared experiences motivates you to help others,” said Bier. “But I think people should just help one another, no matter who we are we should give back when we are able.”

Bier will be honored for her work at the April 27 City Council meeting with a Ruhkala Community Service Award for her contributions to the Rocklin community.

The work that Staci’s Helping Hands does has been especially impactful during the pandemic, as food and housing insecurity has grown. To meet the demand, Bier started a canned food drive and is launching another Sacramento pantry location with the help of her team.

“There have been so many memories from the past few years that will stay with me forever,” said Bier. “Some of my favorite are working with our teens during the holidays and delivering meals to the unhoused community and getting to see … the sincere gratitude they have.”

 To get involved with Staci’s Helping Hands, visit her group’s Facebook page here.