Zoning Ordinance Update
Request for Proposal


Architects and engineers discussing construction plans over a sheet of floorplans.

The Office of the City Manager invites proposals from qualified firms with expertise in zoning code preparation and updates to lead a process resulting in the preparation of a comprehensive update of the City’s Zoning Ordinance and Map for the City, including any necessary environmental (CEQA) clearances.  The City is seeking a firm to assist in updating Rocklin Municipal Code Title 17 (Zoning Ordinance) to incorporate additional Zoning documents (General Development Plans, etc.) as well as applicable legislation, while maintaining the historical level of regulation desired by the community. The City seeks to streamline and simplify its zoning districts and regulations.

Proposals are due on or before February 23, 2024 at 4:00 pm at Rocklin City Hall, 3970 Rocklin Road, Rocklin, CA 95677. 

Zoning Ordinance Amendment Request for Proposal