Quarry Park Amphitheater RFP


Quarry Park Amphitheater RFP

The City of Rocklin, CA is seeking a qualified company with experience in producing special events, concerts, and festivals (herein after referred to as “events”) to assist the City with year-round operations at Platinum Living Amphitheater at Quarry Park. Specific services to be included in this project are production, marketing, talent acquisition, staffing, food and beverage management, and traffic control. It is acceptable for the company selected to either:

  • Serve as the promoter for events – responsible for directly hiring talent and producing the show; and/or
  • Marketing the venue to promoters and then each promoter is responsible for hiring talent and running the events they are promoting – consistent with the established requirements.

The objective is implementing a strong and detailed plan representing the variety of services necessary to produce, conduct, and execute quality events Rocklin residents are accustomed to. The resulting plan should support all goals and necessities of the City’s events, with particular emphasis in the following areas:

  • Acquiring talent and managing contracts
  • Show production, including sound and lighting
  • Marketing and advertisement
  • Staffing and logistics management
  • Food & beverage services management
  • Traffic control and parking operations management

Ideally, the plan would consist of an overall operations layout and budget which shows the company’s ability to execute this proposal and provide the City with high quality entertainment for our residents and business community, as well as attracting visitors to Rocklin.

The operations plan should identify short and long-term strategies and tactics for maximizing Platinum Living Amphitheater’s success and value to the City. Events should promote the City’s identity, build a sense of community, and establish Quarry Park as a unique and well-known venue for events and entertainment.

Proposals are due via email (preferred), mail or hand delivery by noon on Friday, May 31, 2019. If submitting hard copies, please provide 4 complete sets. Proposals, and questions, should be sent to Kevin Huntzinger at kevin.huntzinger@rocklin.ca.us or 5460 5th Street, Rocklin, CA 95677.